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SweetFeet Training

Speed, Strength, Agility & Position specific Training

Our professional experience and unique approach will provide the traction necessary for athletes to master their craft. We personally work with each athlete to help them achieve their individual athletic goals. We push but and also motivate. Early on, we identify what each athlete is capable of with my goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential.

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Coach Peete

My Experience, My Passion

As a Performance Specialist, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater Phoenix area. After training with some of the greatest athletes in the world, I developed my own unique and effective teaching methods. I focus on getting your body and mind focused on the game and preparing you to compete against the best.

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Our Mission

Training for Greatness

Provide the best foundation for all athletes to enhance and teach proper movement, skill-set, mentality and injury prevention efficiently and ethically.

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To learn more please click the link below and see how sweetfeet can maximize your potential.

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Reviews from Parents & Athletes

We Will Not Be Outworked

“Coach Peete trains athletes and knows what it is like to be out on the field. At SweetFeet Training I perfected valuable skills to enhance my abilities, and my game has dramatically improved ever since.”

Mark Larmy- ACU

"Coach P, helped me prefect my craft and prepare for my professional debut, I have trained with many people but his knowledge of the game is what makes his training the top of the line"

Hi-C- Dodge City Laws (Pro-Indoor)

"SweetFeet Peete, has a desire of perfection which helps me pay attention to the details of my game each break to my arm swing to help create separation, those are the little things that not every trainer looks for but those little things separate myself from the competition"

Mike Crocket- ACU

My daughter and son (4 years apart) have been training with Ryan for the past month or so now. Both play different sports. Both have shown a lot of improvements in their speed, techniques, form, strength and athletic abilities. Ryan encourages them, is detail oriented and retrains until they get it! I think every kid that wants to get better, should see him. He’s helped mine get better at their individual levels, their speed, and his expertise. I trust definitely trust process!

Silvia Stenson

I have been coaching youth sports for over 10 years. I was ready to be a supportive parent to my son and wanted to release him to a trainer that would hold my son to the same standards , expectations and work ethics that I have instilled in him. One of the things that has been a concern for me regarding seeking a trainer is there are many trainers out there with no integrity or ethics . They make false promises to parents and unrealistic expectations to your kids. They demand much of your child, but give very little of the self. Ryan has great knowledge of athletics, you can see that he does his homework and has a variety of drills and tools to address the needs of his athletes. He communicates to ensure that he is on the same page with your expectations regarding development, then he gets after it with the athlete to hold them accountable. He pours into them, and puts the work in with them. Not just out there barking out drills, but demonstrating proper techniques and the fundamental discipline required to reach maximum potential. I did my research and his reputation is excellent! I will also recommend him highly. Regardless of your athlete age or sport. Ryan will get the best effort out of them.

John Brown

My boy Ryan is the man. I’m currently going into my Sr. Year of college and I’ve been with him for a few months now and every session I’m gaining knowledge on my body or the game itself. He does a great job with providing feed back and little tweaks to help make you the best player in your position and on the field! Sweetfeet Training is the real deal!

Aaron Brown

I must say u won’t find a more genuine dedicated trainer out there. He not only teaches with great passion and efficiency he gets out there and demonstrates with the kids. Coach P has become more than a coach he is family. Him and his wife have built a great brand and care about the kids and there progression hands down!!!!!

Greg Brooks

Coach Peete works with both a small group of my 10u and 12u boys. Always has new drills to keep them engaged. Every week he pushes them to get better and most important, they have fun being out there learning from a talented and humble coach.

Mark Olafson

Man!! Sweet Feet training is Top Notch! I was blessed to get Coach Ryan’s info from a buddy of mine. After having my son attend his first session, he was hooked and we haven’t stopped going to this day. The thing I love about Coach Ryan is he is very relatable to kids. He not only instructs them but also demonstrates every drill he is introducing. In only a few months I have seen great improvement in my sons defensive back skills. Coach Ryan also makes himself available just about any time of the day and is flexible with his schedule. If you want REAL RESULTS, book a session with Sweet Feet Training NOW! You won’t regret it! Slow Feet Don’t Eat!

Alfred Smith

We met Coach Peete randomly at our local park.... just out early throwing balls getting ready for a day of 7on7. Coach was holding a Saturday camp session that morning and my son, Matthew, got his business card. About a month later we signed up for a session with him.... ..can you say GAME CHANGER?? Sweetfeet is exactly what we were looking for. Ryan is dedicated to perfecting an athlete’s craft, as well as his character.... his attention to detail screams of skill and textbook knowledge.... I’ve seen a great deal of coaches over the years but have never experienced anyone that not only has the ability to see the big picture, but can also perfect that X and O game! Here’s to many more years of learning from you 🏈💜🏈
Thank you sir! -Matthew Willis’ family

Leslie Willis

Ryan Pete is a very knowledgeable coach when it comes to agility and strength training. This is my son's first year was Ryan very pleased at what I'm seeing with his progress . My son has seeing other coaches for agility but never saw any progress like I do with Ryan Pete

Anthony Encinas

Elite level of training. Very knowledgeable of not only the game of football, but of how the body is suppose to move and perform at the highest level of sports. Highly recommend SweetFeet Training to take your game to the next level, no matter the sport.

Jacobi Taylor

Great guy and does a great job of teaching and explaining. If you want to see a next level difference in your footwork, agility, technique and quickness, then get with SweetFeet.

Isaiah Huston

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